The 6 Best Butt Exercises for Athletes

The muscles of the buttocks, specifically the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus, are some of the most important muscles to generate speed and power during many athletic movements. The gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the body, as well as one of the most powerful, and plays an important role in running and jumping. For an athlete, a backside strong is essential to prevent injuries, maximizing the acceleration and power and to improve the overall performance of sports.

Many people today, including athletes and non athletes, have buttocks malfunction due to the excessive amount of time that everyone is seated. Long periods of time spent in the sitting position can damage your health in a variety of ways, including buttocks weakened, inactive, tight hamstring and hip flexor tight. During the year, buttocks malfunction can cause the tendons and muscles of the lower back become too much and more prone to injury. To prevent such risks, it is useful to actively participate and strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, so they can do what they should do.

Athletes in almost all sports may be actively engage and strengthen the gluteus. But before diving in gluten strength exercises, it is useful to do some exercises of activation in gluten essentially “wake up the buttocks” and make the ass goodbye properly. Once activated, the buttocks may respond more readily to a variety of exercises to strengthen target, including the following.

Best butt exercises for athletes

Lunges 1 floor

Young woman stretching

Mike Raabe / name of Corbis / Getty

The boat walking is another great gluten strengthen what can be done with or without weight gain. Once you have practiced the basic motion pattern, performing walking lunge while holding dumbbells of exploitation not only builds in gluten strength, but also involves the quadriceps, hamstring and stabilizers of the core while improving the flexibility of the hip.

Read more about how to make the boat move with safety.

2 weighted step UPS

Stage of weighted

Considered the above step.

The step is a weighted exercise straight to the direction the buttocks while minimizing stress on the knee joint. Starting with a bank more low and little or no weight, you can slowly accumulate in gluten strength and power. Working individually in each leg, you can avoid favoring one side, as can happen during the movement of complete sets. As the above step becomes more easily and you have more control of the movement, simply add the time for step and add weight.

You can use a weighted vest, a bar or weights to increase the resistance of this exercise. The key to a good step above is to maintain control and keep your knee tracking forward instead of caving in.

Read more about the benefits and changes to the step-up exercise weight.

The exercise of single leg bridge 3

The bridge leg simple exercise

Office of the bridge of hand only. Hamish Blair / Getty Images

Another excellent ass exercise that isolates each side providing gluten activation is the bridge single leg. If you are just starting out, you may want to use the office of the bridge pattern until you build enough strength and stability for a bridge only leg without compromising your form. You can tell if you are not ready for the bridge only leg if you see your hips sinking to the side during the movement.

Read more about how to do the exercise of single leg bridge safely.

4 extension of hip on the exercise ball

Extension of the hip in the exercise ball

Extension of the hip in the exercise ball. (c) Carol Schiff / Getty Images

An extension of the hip in the exercise ball is extremely challenging. It seems simple and direct, but the stability necessary to master this movement takes a little practice. Executed properly, aims at the hips and buttocks, hamstring, involve a variety of stabilizers minors through the hips back and core. To reduce the difficulty when you start to roll forward further to support more of the hips and pelvis. As you improve, you can increase the difficulty of reversing a bit to increase the length of the leg.

Can I Strip a Relaxer from My Hair?

With the increasing popularity of natural hair, many myths abound on how to remove a hair relaxing relaxed. Some of you may have heard:

You can wash your hair with detergent to remove the hair straighteners

A wash of vinegar will take a relaxing.

A mixture of mayonnaise and egg can do it

So, what is the business if you want to change your hair chemically straightened back to an African? You can even do that during the night? How can you actually remove a relaxing your hair?


There is no miracle product that can remove a relaxing previously relaxed hair. A relaxing is permanent. That is why the term “permanent” is often used interchangeably with “relaxing”. Now, you can wash your hair with detergent in an attempt to obtain the relaxing outside, but you will probably end up with dry cuticles, roughed up – up that feel hard and brittle. Nothing like the natural hair healthy at all. This approach is definitely not recommended because you can damage your hair like that.

The only infallible way to remove a relaxing is to have my hair cut processed. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to get rid of the shoulders relaxed. When these chemicals are applied to your hair, they break the bonds of protein in their hair in order to change the texture. Once these connections are broken, they did not notice it.

So, if you want a head of hair natural, there is no product will give you in the night. If your mane currently is relaxed, there is no choice but to wait. Hair grows at an average of 1 / 2 inch per month, so that in six months time, with proper care, you should see about three inches of growth; maybe less if you get regular trims to get rid of the dry and split ends. That seems like a long time, when you want your relaxing gone now, but back to the natural hair is often described as a journey, and with good reason. Travel takes time and you have to learn a lot along the way.

If you decide to make the transition from short or long term, or take the step in bold for big slaughterhouse and return their natural tresses at the same time, as long as you do not continue to relax or touch your hair, you possibly will become natural again.

How to cut to get rid of the hair relaxed?

If you decide to cut all the hair chemically processed immediately, how much hair you trim if you want to leave your natural texture intact? You have to think back to your last touch, keeping in mind the inch, 1 / 2 per month, the average growth rate. If four months you last processed its mane, you probably have about two inches of new growth, or natural hair. By measuring your scalp, although cut something beyond two inches. You may have to “powder” the ends to make sure that you remove hair all processed. Its designer confidence can do it for you, but some women how to start their own natural days and feel strengthened by cutting his own hair.

How to Encourage Someone to Vote

If you are already a voter who regularly participates in municipal elections, state and national, it would be hard to imagine that people prefer not to vote. But the center for voting and democracy, notes that in national elections, only about 60 percent of the eligible persons to vote in presidential election years, and only about 40 percent vote in presidential election years’. Local elections tend to have a smaller contribution. To encourage someone to vote, you may have to take various measures to see success.

Why are they not vote

To encourage someone to vote, you have to find out why he ‘s not vote now suggests the working group of the University of Kansas for community health and development, and neutralize those reasons. Ask the person directly what reasons have not to vote.

Make an argument

The nonvoter provides information about why your vote is important. The research of the Stanford University indicates that people are more likely to vote if they remembered his personal responsibility, and when you see the act of voting as part of their identity.

Help with barriers.

Register is a problem, provide the person with a computer or a voter registration card, and help you to fill it. If you can get to the polls, is the question, the person to offer a ride, or find a through an initiative of the voter in their area. After all, “feeling obliged to fulfill a social norm is indeed a powerful force,” wrote Yale political scientist Donald green, in an article published by the American Psychological Association.

On a larger scale

The institution of the University of Yale, policy studies and social maintains an initiative to get out the vote which details some of the more successful methods to obtain large groups of people to vote. According to the website of the institution, the more successful methods are those that involve personal contact. This may include door to door asking for votes, or phone calls before the election. Those calls, however, should be focused on how the plans of voters to the polls and, instead of focusing on a script of canned phone, according to a turnout study from Stanford University.

How to Register Online for Voting

The Internet can be a powerful resource to investigate political candidates and issues during the election. If you would like to register to vote in local, state and federal elections, and you are a citizen of the United States, which shall be at least 18 years of age on or before election day, you may do it in person in a place of registration of the voter in their area, or, in most states, via the mail. You can also start the registration process of the voter online in all 50 states, and in a handful of States, you can complete the entire process online.

Visit an officially sanctioned voting registration online site, such as vote411 or rock the vote (the links in resources).

Click the link on the home page to register to vote.

Fill out the form completely, indicating if you are registering for the first time or recording due to a change of address or name. Check the box to confirm that you are a citizen of the United States, provide all the contact information, select your political party and ethnic / racial designation, and send the form.

Download and print the completed entry form, sign in the appropriate field and send it to the office of the electoral census indicated on the form.


At the time of the writing of this text, some states allow you to complete the registration process online completely if you have an identification number issued by the state as a driver’s license. Check the site registration of voters in his state to see if his is one of the few states that allow this (link in resources); the registration process is the same, except that once you enter your identification number issued by the state, you can submit the online form without having to send lo.


While you can prepare and fill in the registration form of the voter online, the process is not complete until you signed and sent it.

If this is your first time to register to vote, its state is voting officials may require you to submit valid identification document for the first time you exercise their privileges to vote, according to the laws of the state in which it lives. Valid identification document includes an identification card issued by the current state as a license, a valid passport or account of public service in your name. These requirements ID may vary according to its location and you should contact their local election officials to check.